Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Bird box project

The Trust have been working with Chelmarsh Bird Ringing Group to help the birds on the Edge, by providing nest boxes for them to raise their young in. Much of the Trust owned woodland is fairly young, around 50 - 100 years old. These trees are nowhere near maturity and are therefore lacking in natural holes and crevices that birds use to nest in. There is plenty of natural food available in Spring however for a wide variety of species to feed their young, catterpillars and spiders for tits, flies for pied and spotted flycatchers etc.
By providing nest boxes it is hoped that we would see an increase in the bird numbers on the Edge and also be able to learn more about them and their movements. The Trust have provided all the timber from our foresry thinnings, we have then made the boxes both ourselves and with the help of volunteers. Once erected the boxes are then monitored by members of Chelmarsh Ringing Group and the chicks are ringed, this means that any chicks that are subsequently caught can be traced back to their point of birth.
Last spring we had erected 32 boxes and a total of 100 chicks were ringed from a total of 16 of the boxes, this was a brilliant start to the project and really got us excited about getting more boxes put up for next spring. Species that raised young in the boxes last spring were, Marsh, Great and Blue tit.
We have recently put up the 100th nest box and are hoping to get species such as Redstart and Pied Flycatcher breeding in them.
I will keep updating on the project and hopefully get some great photos in the Spring.

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