Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Birds of Wenlock Edge

The various types of woodland that can be found along the edge, together with the areas of open grassland provide valuable habitat for a wide range of bird species. From Buzzards and Ravens circling noisily overhead to Dunnocks and Wrens flitting through the undergrowth there is always something to see. Some species can be viewed all year whilst others only visit for either the Summer or Winter, adding seasonal interest to bird watching.
Species present all year round include;
Buzzard                    Dunnock                                   Greenfinch                        
Raven                       Jay                                            Marsh Tit
Kestrel                     Jackdaw                                    Great Tit
Tawny Owl              Crow                                         Blue Tit
Song Thrush            Nuthatch                                    Coal Tit
Mistle Thrush           Treecreeper                                Chaffinch
Robin                      Great Spotted Woodpecker       Yellowhammer
Wren                       Green Woodpecker

Summer visitors include;
Redstart                   Whitethroat                                Cuckoo
Swallow                   Blackcap                                   Willow Warbler
Chiff-Chaff               Swift                                          

Winter visitors include;
Redwing                   Fieldfare                                     Woodcock

Please feel free to submit any sightings on Wenlock Edge in the comments section with a rough location, this will help us to build up a better picture of the birdlife that we have.              

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