Thursday, 30 September 2010

Quarry clearance

We spent Tuesday of this week clearing an old quarry of scrub as it had become overgrown and difficult to see some of the interesting geological features. It is called Knowle Quarry and is located near the Presthope car park, it is probably one of the best exposures around and it is easy to see how this area was formed under a shallow sea.

Most of the work was straight forward and simply involved cutting Hazel and Sycamore re-generation down on the quarry floor, however some was growing in the rockface itself and required Alistair to abseil down to cut them off. It always amazes me how trees can grow in such tough environments with so little soil.
To see this quarry in its full glory simply park at the Presthope car park and follow the Lime Kiln walk, this takes about 30 minutes to complete. There is an interpretation board at the quarry which describes all the features of note so even people who aren't geologists can understand it.

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