Sunday, 19 September 2010

What a difference a day makes

 Had a fantastically productive and enjoyable day with 11 members of Wolverhampton National Trust Conservation Volunteers . We were working in Lea quarry on an area of Limestone grassland, clearing scrub including Hawthorn, Ash, Elder and Bramble. This scrub shades out the wild flowers if it is left to become established and the area would eventually become woodland. Once we have cleared it the sheep will nibble any re-growth and keep it from returning to how it was.

Just getting started this morning
The area is very steep and therefore difficult to work on but the group had plenty of enthusiasm end considerable experience of this type of work, in just a few hours they had already cleared a large area and the fire was roaring down at the bottom of the slope.
After lunch, which involved at least 3 types of home made cake and a birthday sing song it was back to work.The size of the scrub being cut down was smaller but unfortunately it was all further from the fire so a little more dragging was required, probably not such a bad thing after the cake!
 Suddenly it was time to clear up, i really don't know where the time went, the fire was loaded for the final time and we enjoyed looking back at what we had achieved. I really am thrilled with how much was cleared and am looking forward to next time in just a couple of weeks.

All done, now its your turn sheep!

Caption competion ?

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