Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Autumn watch

The first signs of Autumn are beginning , leaves are slowly beginning to turn lovely shades of yellow and brown, some are even falling in the strong seasonal winds. Whether its a cool clear morning walk or an afternoon stroll between blustery showers its a great time to get out into the woods and see the changes taking place. Children will enjoy kicking through the leaves whilst for adults what could be better than an energetic walk followed by a cozy tea room or rural pub!
Currently the best Autumn colours can be seen on the Sycamore, Elm and Hazel trees, with the stunning Beech leaves just beginning to turn.

Views from Wenlock Edge will improve once the leaves do fall. Although we have created many viewpoints that offer year round views it is always better in the Winter looking through the bare trees towards Shrewsbury and the Welsh Mountains.

Whilst out in the woods you may see some of the Fallow deer that move about along the edge, they will be getting ready for the annual rut and may become more visible, as their minds are on other things.
Other animals that may be seen include, Foxes, Stoats, Polecats, Voles and Shrews. Its well worth keeping your eyes peeled and having a quiet sit down, its often at these times that mammals show themselves.

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