Sunday, 17 October 2010

We've got the power ! (switched off)

Last wednesday the power lines that run through Easthope Wood were switched off for the day, this was to allow trees that were close to them to be pruned and in some cases felled completely.

As the trees to be felled were on the large side and consisted of Larch and Douglas Fir which provide useful timber, we wanted to fell them ourselves. This was to ensure that the trees were left in suitable lengths for future conversion into usable timber.
Having been given permission to carry out the felling it was all hands to the pump with Alistair and myself being assisted by Seamus and Lee from Broadacre Tree Services.
We used the tractor and winch to ensure that there was no risk of the trees hitting the power lines.

Tasks were shared between the four of us, whilst two people de-limbed each felled tree the other two were setting up the winch and preparing the next tree to be felled. Once one tree was finished the next tree crashed to the ground, all was finished by 3pm and a late lunch was enjoyed. A quick log delivery soon sorted out the last few hours of the day!

Just the small task of winching the timber up the hill and cutting it into usable planks or gateposts.

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