Monday, 29 November 2010

Timber extraction

We are making the most of the wonderful weather by winching felled timber out of the wood whilst the ground is dry and hard. Doing the work while the ground is frozed reduces ground disturbance and allows the tractor to go further up the hill, reducing the distance we have to pull out the cables.
Lengths of timber, laid out ready for extraction.
All of this timber will eventually be sold as firewood, giving us a bit of money towards carrying out the work.
The more tidily the trees are felled the easier and quicker it is to extract them, lining them all up in the right direction certainly makes the tractor driver and cable operator happy people. This is a good reason for being involved in the job from start to finish.

Lengths heading down to the bay.
The lengths of timber are taken from the steep slope down to a relatively flat area before being cut into the desired lengths, from here they can be stacked for drying out or collection by lorry.

Last load of the day being unhooked.

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