Sunday, 19 December 2010

Winners and losers

Whilst working today i disturbed a pair of Buzzards feeding on the carcass of a Badger, the badger was not near a road (so wasn't hit by a car) and so has presumably become a victim of the cold weather. Digging for worms and other bugs must be tough with the frozen ground covered in several inches of snow.
I tried to take some photos, couldn't get very close so had to try and do it through my binoculars, bad photos are becoming common on this blog unfortunately. I think though that a bad photo is sometimes better than no photo...just!
Interestingly a Robin also had a bit of a peck at the carcass, i didn't realise that they did this, maybe they don't normally but times are just so hard that they have to just take what they can.
I thought that the sheep might welcome some hay, it will give them a break from digging through the snow to get the grass beneath.

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