Saturday, 18 December 2010

Winter in the woods

We have had plenty of snow in the last few days on Wenlock Edge, it looks supurb, carpeting the woodland floor and adorning the branches of trees and shrubs. There are currently wonderful conditions for walking and with temperatures dropping significantly overnight it looks like the snow will be around for a while.

Whilst this weather can be enjoyed by us its worth remembering that life becomes much harder for birds and other wildlife. Whilst wandering about today i came accross a dead Great Tit that appeared to have succumbed to the Wintery weather, there was no damage to the bird which i would have expected to see if it had been attacked by a Sparrowhawk. Please remember to feed the birds in the garden especially at this time of year. Peanuts are good for woodpeckers, nuthatches and tits, black sunflower seed is good for tits and nijer seed is prefered by finches. Each of these types of seed can be dispensed from specific feeders available at pet shops and hardware stores.
A Tawny Owl was also spotted today and a rather grainy photo was taken, the photographer apologises for the poor quality.

Other birds seen this week include,
Great Spotted Woodpecker,               Buzzard,
Nuthatch,                                            Marsh Tit,
Fieldfare,                                            Blue Tit,
Redwing,                                             Dunnock
Raven,                                                 Wren,

Also spotted,
Fallow Deer.

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