Monday, 28 February 2011

Yesterdays scrub clearance

We were delighted to have another visit from Wolverhampton National Trust Conservation Volunteers yesterday. They were working in Lea Quarry clearing invading Hawthorn, Ash and Bramble, this will allow wildflowers and grasses to re-establish. Hopefully our Hebridean sheep will keep on top of any re-growth and we will not have to re-visit this part of the slope again, as it really is steep here.

Getting started up the hill, its clear to see the area cleared last time.
The lower slopes were cleared by the group last time they visited so all that was left was the trickier patch at the top, this mean't all the scrub either had to be hauled up the hill to a fire or, using gravity helped down to the bottom. It was decided to have a fire at the bottom and this worked really well, with a group of well practiced volunteers there was soon a steady stream of brash being tossed onto an increasingly hot fire.

Told you it was steep!
After lunch another smaller fire was started at the top of the hill to deal with some trees on the crest whilst the final large patch of bramble was dealt with on the slope by most of the group.
As ever i'd like to thank all those that came to help and look forward to seeing you in a fortnight.

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  1. we enjoyed being there. it was a good day, thanks.