Monday, 21 March 2011

Arrivals from not so far

Today some of our flock of Hebridean sheep returned to Wenlock Edge to graze the different areas of species rich limestone grassland. They will remove the early grass growth and be removed before the wildflowers come through, they have been in Batch Valley on the Long Mynd for the winter as there was not enough food to sustain them on the Edge. After a week or two of beautiful weather everything is suddenly beginning to grow so they ought to be happy in their new temporary homes. We also took the opportunity to carry out some basic sheep husbandry whilst they were rounded up, all of the flock needed their hooves trimming and we also checked their teeth and general condition. Considering the harsh winter that we have experienced they were all in pretty good shape, confirming that they are a hardy breed, used to tough conditions. It may be possible if your lucky to see the sheep from the footpath along the top of Lea Quarry, please do not climb the fence to get a closer look. It is also possible to see them in the field opposite the Wenlock Edge Inn, again do not try to get too close as there are a few rams within the flock that may take steps to protect themselves!

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