Monday, 7 March 2011

Spring's coming

Spring is definately in the air on Wenlock Edge,
I came accross this frog spawn over the weekend in a small wet area. I just hope it doesn't dry out if we get a long period without rain!

I also saw and heard hundreds of Fieldfare and Redwing gathered in trees on the edge of the woodland, i assume that they are preparing to head back to Scandinavia very soon.
As some species depart we await the arrival of our summer migrants, the first of these to arrive is usually the Chiffchaff with its easily recognisable call of chiff chaff chiff chaff which it repeats very regularly.

Wild Garlic is beginning to appear in the woods, forcing its way up through last years fallen leaves, it will soon give the woods a lovely garlic aroma.

This is Coltsfoot, it is one of the first flowers of Spring, it flowers so early that the leaves aren't even out yet, these will appear once flowering is over.
It is part of the Daisy and Dandelion family and grows on bare ground, this one is along the top of Lea Quarry next to the footpath.

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