Friday, 25 March 2011

Tree planting

We recently had the pleasure of a visit from all the pupils of Rushbury School, however they didn't simply come for a walk in the woods, they helped to improve it by all planting a tree. 

The trees that they planted were as part of the global initiative run by the "United Nations Environment Programme" called the "Billion Tree Campaign - Plant for the Planet", more details about the campaign can be found here.
The area chosen to plant the trees is on Wenlock Edge and is visible from the school, species planted were, Wild Service, Rowan, Cherry, Crab Apple and Lime, all of which are native to this area. It is hoped that when these trees mature and flower they will be easily spotted from the School playground whilst also offering valuable sources of nectar and fruit for a wide variety of wildlife.
It was an absolute pleasure to work with the children, some of whom had enjoyed the same experience last year. They all helped each other and carried out the task with great enthusiasm and knowledge about what they were doing and why they were doing it. 
All the trees were fitted with special guards to protect them from deer and will probably be coming into leaf very shortly, it will be amazing for the children to be able to return and see the woodland develop over the following years and is something they will be able to enjoy and take a great deal of satisfaction from forever. 

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  1. That's really nice, Chris. It's really nice when people actually is concern in the environment. Acting and taking responsibility in an environmental awareness activity is really an act that should be shared with others. I hope everyone will do the same and create a clean and green environment for the future generations.