Sunday, 13 March 2011


We were once again visited by the Wolverhampton National Trust Conservation Volunteers . The task today was clearing scrub from a woodland ride that has become overgrown, the group have worked here before as have our Tuesday volunteers and today we linked the previously cleared areas up. When the job is finished wild flowers will flourish and butterflies will enjoy the sunny aspect as well as the nectar from the flowers.

We were going to do this job just before Christmas but treacherous road conditions meant that the workday was cancelled, as you can see there were no such problems today.

A great turnout of 12 volunteers armed with bow saws and loppers got straight to work cutting down all the trees that had been marked whilst 2 fires were lit to burn the brash on.

By the time the first cake break was called, both fires were burning well and getting rid of plenty of scrub, it was already possible to see a big improvement.

After lunch the high work rate continued with some of the bigger trees being felled, after a bit more scrub was cleared the link between the two areas was completed.
More cake was consumed mid-afternoon and after this we took out a bit more scrub from around the edges, the excellent weather and lovely work site along with good company meant that everyone seemed to want to keep going!
Another brilliant day.

If you are interested in carrying out practical conservation work, meet like minded people and have some time to spare at weekends then maybe the group is for you. Although they are called the Wolverhampton Group they actually work at
National Trust sites all over Shropshire and                
Staffordshire. Take a look at their website for
contact details and information.

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  1. We enjoyed working with you. I'd love a copy of the crispy cake recipe!