Friday, 15 April 2011

Milling, winching and moving timber.

The woodmill was on site on Wednesday turning felled trees into usable products, i thought we might get round to cutting some of the timber that we recently felled next to the power lines but in the end we had enough Ash to cut to keep the mill busy all day. The planked Ash is all being bought by a carpenter, Anthony Jones who is based in Bishops Castle. He will kiln dry the timber before using it to made interior doors and floorboards. We will have another day of milling soon to get through the rest of the timber.
The sawmill was operated by Nathan  of  Home Forestry.
Nathan was also back in the woods on Thursday and Friday but this time with a different machine, his mini forwarder can get to most parts of the wood, even on steep slopes. This allows easy extraction of timber that has already been cut into short lengths, it is then transported down the hill and stacked so that it can season.
Whilst this was taking place we continued winching lengths of timber down from the steeper slopes where even Nathan can't get to.

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