Tuesday, 12 April 2011

A woody week at Wenlock

We are busy moving timber around at the moment and it is being used for a variety of different things. I took a load of lengths of Sycamore and Ash to Acton Scott working farm for the Bodger to turn into chair legs on his lathe.
We have also supplied an Oak tree to Brockton School, this will become a bench within the school grounds once it has been carved. I believe it is going to become a dragon with hollows carved along its length for people to sit on. The bench is being constructed in memory of local farmer Graham Goodman who sadly passed away recently.

 Regular readers of this blog (not sure if there are any) will be aware that we had to fell some big Douglas Fir and Larch beside some power lines whilst the power was switched off recently. These trees have been sat on the old railway line since then in full lengths, well not any longer. On Monday Alistair cut them into lengths and i loaded them onto our timber trailer to move them, the reason for this is that we have a sawmill on site tomorrow so they can be planked, turned into gate posts or other useful timber products.

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  1. Looks like you've had a productive week. Hope you have been enjoying some fine weather for your work.

    Will see you when WNTCV visit on Easter Sunday.

    - avril