Friday, 13 May 2011

The birds and the trees

Although the blog hasn't been updated much recently we have been busy On Wenlock Edge, in fact thats the reason i haven't had any spare time to write about it.
We have been selling firewood, in the form of trailer loads of cut and split logs as well as an articulated lorry load.
We have also been replacing some stock fencing to stop cows from nibbling a recently laid hedge, giving guided walks, litter picking and erecting a gate.
Linda and Stuart of Chelmarsh Bird Ringers are currently being kept busy checking bird boxes, of the 160 boxes we have put up around the woods about 80% are being used. All the chicks will have tiny rings fitted to their left legs before they fledge, this allows us to see whether they stay on the Edge or move elsewhere. If they are ever caught again the unique number on the ring can be traced back to the area of Wenlock Edge that they were raised, we will get notification of any re-catches. You need a license to check nest boxes so do not be tempted to look in any, i'll get some pictures and put them on the blog over the next week.
Species using the boxes include Blue Tit, Great Tit, Marsh Tit, Nuthatch, Redstart and possibly Pied Flycatcher.
Currently eggs are just hatching, chicks are ringed at about 8 days and can fledge after about 10 days. The box that is clearly visible to the left of the bird hide at Presthope has a brood of Blue Tits in it, it will be interesting watching the adult birds comings and goings speeding up over the next week.

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