Monday, 6 June 2011

Views and Vols

Last week we created a new viewpoint by felling a few trees close to a footpath junction so that people can enjoy fine views of the Shropshire countryside. If you walk along the waymarked 'Jenny Wind' walk from the car park on the outskirts of Much Wenlock you should find it, after walking beneath an area that has lots of felled trees on the ground you will reach a path junction, divert off the route down the path on your right for about 20 metres to get the best of the view.
I was lucky enough to be back working at the viewpoint this afternoon and managed to get a photo, we just need a seat there now!

The Wolverhampton National Trust Conservation Volunteers visited on Sunday, constructing 32 regular bird boxes and a Kestrel box. The boxes will be used by nesting birds next Spring but may well also be used in the Winter for roosting on really cold nights, several birds may share the same box to keep warm.
It was a really good day although the group worked so hard that we ran out of wood just after lunch time, so after putting some of the boxes up and a walk round the woods it was an early finish. I hope to see the group again in the Autumn.

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