Monday, 26 September 2011

Autumn in the woods

Well, the leaves are falling and the mornings are lovely and crisp so it must be Autumn.
Its a beautiful time for getting out in the woods no matter what your doing whether its walking, running or cycling, with crisp leaves on the ground and constantly improving views out through the trees as they shed more and more in the Autumnul winds.
There is lots to see within the woods, its a good time to see fungi both on the ground, on old tree stumps and on living trees. Large, mixed flocks of tits with tree creepers mixed in are moving through the woods, whilst a few Chiffchaffs still linger, feeding up before heading south.
Its quite quiet on the bird feeders at the moment as there are so many nuts and berries available throughout the woods. It is still worth putting out some food as it will soon pick up and become very busy. It also worth collecting surplus apples and wrapping them in newspaper to feed to Thrushes in the Winter months when natural food becomes very scarce. I did this last year and on Christmas day during the lengthy cold spell had 17 Blackbirds and 5 Fieldfare in the garden at the same time!
It will not be long until we see an influx of birds from Scandinavia including Robins, Fieldfare, Redwing and Woodcock.
Deer rutting will be getting underway soon, look out for prints in the mud or the actual animal if your lucky and quiet.

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