Sunday, 16 October 2011

Autumn wildlife

With cooler nights back upon us and the very hot daytime temperatures replaced by more average October figures the woods feel Autumnul again. The Winter Jackdaw roost that circles over Presthope for an hour before finally settling on a place to spend the night is growing and has over 100 noisy birds in it. Redwing are arriving from Scandinavia, they migrate at night time and can sometimes be heard going overhead in the dark making 'tsee' noises, 80 were seen along Blakeway Hollow the other day. I heard a male Fallow deer roaring in Northway wood a couple of days ago signalling that the rut is well under way. He was a splendid sight with a wonderful set of antlers, 5 females were close by, constantly under his gaze as he waited for his chance to mate.

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