Sunday, 27 November 2011

After a very dry Summer and early Autumn in Shropshire there has been very little fungi about, that was until the last week. Now that we have had some rain the fungi has gone mad, popping up all over the place about 4 weeks later than normal. I took a few pictures today as i was out for a walk.
Orange Peel fungus

Emerging Shaggy Parasol
Fully formed Shaggy Parasol
Not sure about these, think they may be Oyster Mushrooms but will go for another look.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Stacks of wood

With the ground in the woods still fairly firm after the very dry summer, we have been taking the opportunity to extract timber from a recently thinned area of woodland before we get any serious amounts of rain and the ground goes wet and slippy.
The area we were working in has a shallow slope at the bottom, getting progressively steep further up the bank, to get the timber out we used our tractor to winch the lengths down onto the gentler slopes. we then cut it into 3 metre lengths and put it in small stacks so that Nathan of 'Home Forestry' could load them on to his 8 wheel drive 'Alstor' and stack them at the bottom of the hill in a big stack.
The timber will be sold as firewood, it takes a lot of time and effort keeping people warm!
National Trust tractor wiching off the steeper slopes

Full load on the Alstor
Stacking up nicely

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Another night in the woods

Anyone interested in going for a walk with a difference should meet at Presthope Car Park at 7pm on Thursday with a torch.
We will walk through the woods by torchlight for about an hour and a half, hopefully seeing or hearing some wildlife along the way. It is a completely different experience to walking in daylight and is one that many people don't get chance to do.
The cost is £5, there is no need to book but please bring a decent torch with you.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Wenlock Edge Wander

There will be a 6 mile walk from Wilderhope Manor on Saturday 26th November at 09.30. Led by a National Trust Ranger, the route will cross farmland and woodland on and around Wenlock Edge. There will be uneven ground and possibly the odd hill* so suitable footwear should be worn.
The walk will cost £5 and will take about 2.5 hours, to book a place either e-mail or call 07948 072075

* There will definately be at least one hill

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

2012 Marathon

I am now giving some thought to the 2012 Wenlock Marathon that the National Trust are organising, I have an idea of the route but need to spend some time running sections and checking distances. I think that it will follow a similar route to that used on 'Over the Edge' but with a couple of loops off the edge to gain the extra 9ish miles. I need to work out where to have the finish as there are a few interesting ideas to ponder over.
I will update the blog with any news as soon as i have it.
For now the only bits that are definately sorted are the date 8th July and the distance 26.2 miles (or as close as possible). There may also be a half marathon but again this needs discussing.