Friday, 30 December 2011

Potentially dangerous trees!

While the roads were quiet in the few days before Christmas we took the opportunity to remove some dangerous trees from along the B4371, the road that runs along the top of Wenlock Edge.
Most of the trees required a climber to go up them to cut branches off and attach the winch cable before they were felled, this is used simply to prevent the tree going the wrong way, unlikely but possible. We needed to stop the traffic very briefly as each tree was felled just in case something went wrong (a possibility when dealing with trees with possible rot or other hidden defects in the middle), by doing the work at this time disturbance to the public was kept to a minimum.

At the end of each day all the timber was removed from the site and will be sold as firewood, to raise the funds for future management of Wenlock Edge. By doing this work we have removed the risk of the trees failing in the future during high winds, blocking the road and possibly causing an accident.

The Wednesday and Thursday went really well and i took a few photos,

Friday was just wet, wet and then a bit wetter, i didn't take any more photos.

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