Saturday, 31 March 2012

Marathon route has been run!

And its a cracker, just need time to turn my scrappy notes into something readable for the route description. There is a very steep climb between miles 1 and 3 but the view is stunning from the top,
There will be Wenlock Olympian gold silver and bronze medals for winners, and other prizes'. I will confirm the other prizes etc as soon as they are confirmed.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Eat the Edge!

Well sort of... Wild Garlic soup has made a welcome return to the menu at the National Trust tea room in Carding Mill Valley. Freshly picked leaves from the slopes of Wenlock Edge where it grows in vast quantities are turned into a lovely soup within hours, the taste is delicious and not as strong as i had expected.
The tea room is open 7 days a week from 10am.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Marathon and Half Marathon news

Thought i had better give an update on the Marathon and Half Marathon, we currently have 79 people tackling the full Marathon and 65 doing the half with entries coming in all the time! If you have been thinking about having a go now would be a good time to enter as i expect we may get short of places in a few weeks time.
There will be Wenlock Olympian gold silver and bronze medals for winners, and other prizes'. As soon as i can confirm the other prizes i will.
You can get an entry form here
Conditions of entry are here
A very brief route description is here

I will be writing a full route description next week which will then replace the brief one so you can go out and look at the route.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Walkers are Welcome

Walkers are well catered for in and around Much Wenlock with plenty of well maintained footpaths both along Wenlock Edge and the wider countryside in every direction from the town.
On Saturday the town celebrated its accreditation to the Walkers are Welcome scheme, more info about the scheme can be found here. Basically it lets walkers know that a visit to the area will provide well maintained walking routes and that the town is geared up to meet their needs. A new circular walks booklet has been produced offering a series of walks that begin in the town.

Look out for this logo around the town, many shops are now displaying it, showing their support for the scheme.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Dawn Chorus walk

After the success of last years wonderful dawn chorus walk we are repeating the event on 21st April at 6am. We will again have the pleasure of Martin George's expertise from CJ's Wildbird feed, whilst walking around a variety of habitats we hope to hear and identify both resident and migratory species that spend the Spring and Summer on Wenlock Edge.
There is then the option of breakfast at the Wenlock Edge Inn.
The walk begins at Presthope Car Park on the B4371 approximately 2.5 miles from Much Wenlock.
Cost for the walk is £5 and optional breakfast is £5.95
Booking is essential as numbers are limited. tel; 01694725000

Monday, 12 March 2012

Nesting birds

I put up a few more nest boxes this afternoon in an area of the wood that a pair of Pied Flycatchers successfully raised a brood last Spring. It is hoped that by putting up more boxes we will get a few more pairs this year, one reason why i think there was only one pair last year is that most of the boxes were already taken by resident species such as tits before the migratory Pied Flycatchers returned from Africa. By putting the boxes closer together there should be some spare ones as tits (the most common nesting bird on the edge) will not nest in close proximity to each other.

Last years nest boxes were a real success, the results are below
Species                        No of Nests                     Number of fledglings
Blue Tit                                 31                                         256  
Great Tit                                 17                                         105
Marsh Tit                                3                                          24
Nuthatch                                  3                                          12
Redstart                                   1                                            3
Pied Flycatcher                         1                                            5
Totals                                        56                                       404

Last years fledglings have now spread out throughout the woods of Wenlock Edge and beyond, one was recently found at another local National Trust property Attingham Park, it was identified by the unique numbered ring on its leg that was fitted at 7 days old.