Monday, 12 March 2012

Nesting birds

I put up a few more nest boxes this afternoon in an area of the wood that a pair of Pied Flycatchers successfully raised a brood last Spring. It is hoped that by putting up more boxes we will get a few more pairs this year, one reason why i think there was only one pair last year is that most of the boxes were already taken by resident species such as tits before the migratory Pied Flycatchers returned from Africa. By putting the boxes closer together there should be some spare ones as tits (the most common nesting bird on the edge) will not nest in close proximity to each other.

Last years nest boxes were a real success, the results are below
Species                        No of Nests                     Number of fledglings
Blue Tit                                 31                                         256  
Great Tit                                 17                                         105
Marsh Tit                                3                                          24
Nuthatch                                  3                                          12
Redstart                                   1                                            3
Pied Flycatcher                         1                                            5
Totals                                        56                                       404

Last years fledglings have now spread out throughout the woods of Wenlock Edge and beyond, one was recently found at another local National Trust property Attingham Park, it was identified by the unique numbered ring on its leg that was fitted at 7 days old.

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