Monday, 30 April 2012

Dawn Chorus

Last week i met a group of 15 people at 6am in Presthope car park for a walk around the woods with Martin George of CJ's Wild bird feed. With Martin's expert help we were able to identify 14 species of bird just from their songs and calls. We visited a range of different habitats so that we could hear a wider range of birds, venturing away from the woodland a little also gave us a break from hearing the Chiffchaffs who were very noisy and in good numbers.
There were a few birds not heard this year that we did hear last year including Pied Flycatcher and Whitethroat, Martin explained that this was due to a weather system effectively blocking them from travelling. These species should have made it to the Edge by now.
Birds that we did hear were
Great Spotted Woodpecker,
Willow Warbler,
Song Thrush,
Great Tit,
Blue Tit,
Long Tailed Tit,
Carrion Crow,

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