Monday, 30 July 2012

Summer on the Edge

The Limestone grasslands on Wenlock Edge are looking stunning at the moment, there are plenty of Orchids to be seen as well as plenty of other wildflowers. The footpath along the top of Lea Quarry is probably the best place to look, there are also hundreds of Grasshoppers and Butterflies including Ringlets and Wall Brown. It is also possible if you are lucky to see Slow Worms basking in early morning sun to warm themselves up, we spotted a Common Lizard there recently during a sunny spell. They favour dry, short grassland and the female gives birth to live young during the Summer.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Marathon and Half Marathon

Wow! what a day Sunday was.
After a lot of hard work and only minutes to spare we were finally ready for the runners to arrive at 9am for the start of the Marathon at Craven Arms.
Busses duly turned up and dispatched 130 runners in pristine running gear ready to register and get warmed up (this mostly seemed to involve sunbathing).
Jonathan Edwards also arrived with the worlds media close behind, doing a few interviews was fun but i was starting to wish i was in my running kit and able to take part in the race. Jonathan gave a few words of encouragement to the runners on the start line before sending them on their way.
Seeing the runners set off brought with it a mixture of emotions, whilst being proud i was also a little nervous about whether all the waymarkers were positioned ok and if the marshalls were in position. Fortunately i didn't have too long to worry about it as i needed to dash to Wilderhope Manor for the start of the Half Marathon.

Wilderhope Manor had caused me a few headaches due to the ridiculous amount of rain we have had, as parking was all on grass. It was a great relief when i arrived to find that all was under control and everyone was just about ready for the start. Jonathan kindly started the Half Marathon before departing for lunch, i did another interview for radio 4 before helping set up the checkpoint. With all the marshalls at this busy location in place i left, heading for the finish area at Much Wenlock. I had a quick stop off at the final 3 checkpoints on the way, to drop off water and tables and chat to marshalls.

The finish area had been brilliantly set up by the time i arrived and crowds were gathering on the Church Green in anticipation of the first runners arriving. There were lots more people there than i had imagined and we knew when a runner was approaching as a loud chear and applause could be heard from the streets around the Church. This continued all afternoon with all competitors recieving hearty and well deserved congratulations all the way to the finish line. Not sure quite what people had been doing but somehow they had managed to get their kit and themselves absolutely plastered in mud!

Jonathan Edwards kindly handed out medals to 1st, 2nd and 3rd in all the age categories that were completed at 3pm, he then spent a lot of time talking to people, signing autographs and having his photo taken.

I did one more interview with radio 4 before doing a spot of marshalling and chatting to people who were walking funny for some reason! After clapping the last finishers into the finish we quickly packed up and departed just before it started to rain.

Thanks to everyone who made it such an enjoyable day, participants, marshalls, supporters and everyone elso who was involved in some way.

Unfortunately i didn't get the chance to take any photos so if anyone has some that they wouldn't mind sharing please send them to

The radio 4 programme is on Thursday at 3pm

Monday, 9 July 2012

Full results

Full results are here

Category Results from Half and Full Marathon

Here are the results of the top 3 in each age category, the full set of results will be emailed out to all competitors soon.
Half Marathon: overall competition (men)
Name:                                        Age:        No.:               Time:       Position:

DanielsChris43301301:39:291st Fastest Man
BakerPaul35315701:48:572nd Fastest Man
BaconRichard38312701:49:053rd Fastest Man

Half Marathon: overall competition (women)

ClarkeMichelle40312601:51:571st Fastest Women

DaviesNicola30303002:03:122nd Fastest Women

CollinsonLibby56314102:11:383rd Fastest Women

Half Marathon Over 40s competition (men)
1st place Over 40s Men
PostinsGary42309001:58:572nd place Over 40s Men
BroadhurstPaul44308602:02:493rd place Over 40s men

Half Marathon Over 40s competition(women)

ClarkeMichelle40312601:51:571st Place Over 40s Women

DelaneyCath43309102:20:092nd Place Over 40s Women
BollomRachael45304002:23:573rd Place Over 40s Women
Half Marathon Over 
50s competition (men)

ReadAdrian55303102:00:081st Place Over 50s Men
PostinsKevin Paul52308902:06:512nd Place Over 50s Men
RickusMichael52305602:08:323rd Place Over 50s Men

Half Marathon Over 50s competition (women)

CollinsonLibby56314102:11:383rd Fastest Women
1st Place Over 50s Women

TattonJulie50306202:39:502nd Place Over 50s Women

OttoGill56300202:41:173rd Place Over 50s Women

Half Marathon Over 60s competition (men)

BardsleyMac64314202:02:421st Pace Over 60s Men

PressDavid A60303402:23:322nd Place Over 60s Men

TalbotMaurice60313002:27:343rd Place Over 60s Men

Half Marathon Over 60s competition (women)

MorganCarole 66301202:36:291st Place Over 60s Women

PocockBridget62304403:08:572nd Place Over 60s Women

WilliamsEileen Susan60304303:08:593rd Place Over 60s Women

Half Marathon Over 70s competition (men)

BevanColin70308202:59:331st Place Over 70s Men

Full Marathon Results:

Full marathon Overall Competition (men)

ThomasNick48104803:35:141st fastest man
1st place over 40 man

BollomMark41104203:49:482nd fastest man
2nd place over 40 man
GriffithsMark47110803:51:283rd fastest man
3rd place over 40 men

Full marathon Overall Competition (women)

Wright-SmithAmanda43111904:01:281st fastest woman
SadlerAngie52103704:18:282nd fastest woman
SivertsenVikki46112504:29:263rd fastest woman

Full Marathon Over 40s competition (men)

ThomasNick48104803:35:141st fastest man
1st place over 40 man

BollomMark41104203:49:482nd fastest man
2nd place over 40 man

GriffithsMark47110803:51:283rd fastest man
3rd place over 40 men

Full Marathon Over 40s competition (women)

Wright-SmithAmanda43111904:01:281st place Over 40 woman

SivertsenVikki46112504:29:262nd place over 40 woman

DaviesKaren48107905:03:163rd place over 40 woman

Full Marathon Over 50s competition (men)

WilkinsMark50103904:04:111st place over 50 men

WallAndrew54108704:11:022nd place over 50 men
MaoudisAndros55100204:22:363rd place over 50 men

Full Marathon Over 50s competition (women)

SadlerAngie52103704:18:281st place over 50 woman

Davis Merilyn53107705:06:222nd place over 50 woman

MillettJacqueliine59111605:23:153rd place over 50 woman

Full marathon Over 60s competition (men)

RoseStuart60105404:33:221st place over 60 men

SolomonMichael60107306:11:562nd place over 60 men
HowellsPhillip65103307:31:433rd place over 60 men