Monday, 3 September 2012


This year has been a wonderful one as far as Ragwort growth has been concerned. If you are not sure what it is i'll briefly describe it, a tall bienniel with dense flat topped yellow flowers growing in open areas, it particularly seems to like roadside verges where you may have noticed it. It seems this year to have had 3 flowering seasons this summer due to the weather conditions. We are required to clear our land of all Ragwort as it spreads its seeds so readily and can be harmful to livestock if it is eaten. It always seems a shame as it the foodplant of the Cinnabar moth's catterpillar, it is also an attractive plant and is used by many other insects.

We have greatly reduced the amount growing in our areas of grassland by pulling it all up for a number of years, however a couple of areas that have recently been coppiced within the woods were very well populated (ok they were full of it). Some of these plants were huge, 7 feet tall and up to 12 stems in some cases, quickly filling the trailer up.

Anyway it has now all gone up in smoke, the best way to get rid of it is to burn it to ensure that any seeds are killed. A really hot fire needs to be burning and then the Ragwort gradually thrown on top, it smokes a lot but works well. I just hope no one had their washing out and that there isn't another flowering season this year!

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