Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Today it rained!

We worked with our regular Tuesday volunteers today at the same place that we worked on Sunday with out irregular volunteers (hope that makes sense). The fire was resurrected and we felled a clump of Larch trees that were growing in the same area , this was made much easier due to the fact that all the understory had been removed. The weather forecast said that it would rain this afternoon, why then were we all drenched by lunchtime? We carried on regardless, felling the trees close to the fire to reduce the amount of dragging required to get rid of the branches. This did at least mean that we weren't permanently cold as we went from cold and wet to scorched and wet at regular intervals. It was still raining as we finished at 5 o clock and it is still pouring down out there now! At one point i splashed along to the Land Rover to get the camera, got back to take a few pics to find that the batteries had died. Never mind, clothes should be dried out by the morning and it can't rain again..can it?

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