Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Volunteers improve the views

We just had a wonderful 3 days of work carried out by the Shropshire and Staffordshire National Trust Volunteers (SSNTV). They stayed at Mose Cottage on the Dudmaston National Trust Estate,  and worked from Friday through to Sunday. This was a great opportunity to get loads of work done and we had a different work site on each day. On Friday we coppiced an area of Hazel to re-instate a lovely viewpoint, this can be seen if you follow the Jenny Wind walk around the Harley Bank area of the Edge.

On Saturday we moved to the old railway line to cut back the vegetation on either side where we are soon to carry out some large scale forestry work. This work opened up the bridleway, making it more pleasant for people and also more beneficial for wildlife such as Butterflies. Also, if the forestry work was done without first removing the understory it would all have been smashed to bits, now the big trees can be felled and the understory can re-grow next Spring.

On Sunday we moved to another stretch of the old railway line and created a new viewpoint as well as opening up either side of the Bridleway. On all 3 days we had fires to burn the brash, these were definately welcome on Friday and Sunday when the weather was poor to say the least! We managed to cut some hedgelaying stakes and binders from the coppicing we didand hopefully these will be used at Attingham park in the near future.

As usual when the group visit there was plenty of enthusiasm, plenty of banter and more importanly plenty of cake! Thanks for your help and hope to see you all soon.

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