Saturday, 27 October 2012

Worried about our woods

It has been confirmed in the last few days that a new disease affecting Ash trees has been found in growing trees in East Anglia, previously it had only been seen in recently imported saplings from the Netherlands. The disease called Chalara fraxinea has killed hundreds of thousands of trees in mainland Europe, it is currently not known how this recent outbreak arrived here, it may have arrived on the wind or been carried by birds. Chalara fraxinea causes the leaves to wilt and fall off and can lead to the whole tree dying. It is going to be very difficult to track the diseases progress as the leaves will all have fallen off soon anyway as it is Autumn. Ash is the most common tree on Wenlock Edge, growing and regenerating naturally in large numbers as conditions here are ideal for the trees growth.
A ban on imports of nursery stock is expected to begin tomorrow but i can't help but think it may be too little too late, as i have said it has been around for years across Europe but still we allowed imports of young trees from these countries!
I guess that we will have to cross our fingers and hope for good news and lots of healthy leaf growth in the Spring.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Over the Edge Challenge

Congratulations to everyone who took part in our 17.5 mile challenge event along the length of Wenlock Edge today.
Thick fog hid the views early on this morning but this burned off after a couple of hours and provided some stunning effects as the views gradually emerged. Everyone made good progress along the route and didn't seem to mind the inevitable muddy sections. Tea and coffee in the sunshine at Wilderhope Manor provided a welcome rest just stop after the halfway point. A slight change was made to last years route near the end, this was done to give walkers and runners better views of the surrounding countryside, unfortunately a rather stubborn patch of fog scuppered this plan. Back in the sunshine at the finish participants enjoyed a well earned cup of soup or cake.
Thankyou to all the cheerfull marshalls along the route who endured a chilly start, without your help these events could not happen and special thanks to Sue who helped massively with the organisation.
Roman Bank

Near Wilderhope Manor

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Final update

The route for tomorrows Over the Edge challenge is improving all the time, a good day today marking the route and i didn't get too wet or muddy. There are some boggy sections but they are mostly avoidable, the rest is lovely. The forecast is for dry conditions continuing overnight with some fog in the morning, this should be burned off by lunchtime leaving a sunny afternoon with light winds.
Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.

Over the Edge update

It is a beautiful morning here on Wenlock Edge, it didn't rain yesterday either so in theory it should be drying the ground out a bit!
The current forecast for tomorrow is for fog in the morning, clearing by about 11am then remaining dry for the rest of the day.
I am going out route marking this afternoon on the first half of the route, i will update again later (7pm ish all being well) with some info on the ground conditions and also tomorrows forecast.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Over the Edge Challenge

It is just a few days now until our 'Over the Edge Challenge' takes place along the length of Wenlock Edge, a distance of 17.5ish miles that can be run or walked.
As with most of the country the weather conditions recently have been damp to say the least, it is therefore safe to say that grippy footwear is recommended. Whether it is grippy off road running shoes or a decent pair of walking boots they will make the experience much more enjoyable as some sections are quite muddy and slippy.
The current forecast is for reasonable weather from now until early afternoon on Sunday but this keeps changing, i will keep updating the blog over the next few days. Whatever the weather i am sure it will be a thoroughly enjoyable day.
Route marking starts tomorrow.

Monday, 15 October 2012

A better outlook

The photo below shows the Wrekin viewpoint on Wenlock Edge. From here it is possible to look out through the trees towards the Wrekin, an iconic stand alone hill to the North-East of the Edge.
As you can see it has become a little overgrown recently, so today was the day something was done about it. Its amazing the difference that can be made in a couple of hours with a chainsaw and a couple of tanks of fuel.
The view is now restored but unfortunately i couldn't do anything about the weather which was deteriorating, as was the light, which is why the photo is so bad! This view can now be enjoyed by people walking the path along the top of Lea Quarry.