Thursday, 18 October 2012

Over the Edge Challenge

It is just a few days now until our 'Over the Edge Challenge' takes place along the length of Wenlock Edge, a distance of 17.5ish miles that can be run or walked.
As with most of the country the weather conditions recently have been damp to say the least, it is therefore safe to say that grippy footwear is recommended. Whether it is grippy off road running shoes or a decent pair of walking boots they will make the experience much more enjoyable as some sections are quite muddy and slippy.
The current forecast is for reasonable weather from now until early afternoon on Sunday but this keeps changing, i will keep updating the blog over the next few days. Whatever the weather i am sure it will be a thoroughly enjoyable day.
Route marking starts tomorrow.


  1. Hi Chris,

    Are you planning on repeating the marathon next year? Really enjoyed it this year and would love to repeat the experience. If you are when is it likely to be?

  2. Hi, yes we are planning on repeating the Marathon, it looks like it will be on the 7th July but we are waiting to hear back from the Wenlock Olympian Society. Will find out asap and post here about it. The sooner we know the better so that we can order the weather!!!