Saturday, 29 December 2012

2012 bird review

Well 2012 was a poor year for breeding birds across the country and Wenlock Edge was no different. All through Spring we had a couple of days of mild weather followed by cool wet weather, this left many young birds on the verge of fledging, cold and in a lot of cases dead, also many eggs didn't even hatch.  About 150 nest boxes are regularly checked throughout the breeeding season and the young birds are fitted with a unique leg ring so that if found in the future we can find out about their movements around the country and beyond.
The results from this year are as follows.
Nest boxes used            62
Eggs laid                       431
Eggs hatched                342
Birds fledged                293

The majority of the boxes were used by Great Tits and Blue Tits but there were some notable exceptions, the numbers below are all for fledged birds.
19 Pied Flycatcher (up from 5 last year)
6 Redstart
6 Nuthatch

There would also have been a brood of Marsh Tits but a Grey Squirrel predated the nest box just before they fledged.
We are hoping for better weather next year for many reasons.

Happy New Year!

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