Thursday, 24 January 2013

Wenlock Winter wonderland

As is the case in most of the country Wenlock Edge has been transformed by inches of snow that has been falling on and off for the last week.
Work has continued albeit slightly slower than normal due to the tricky conditions, having to brush snow off timber before it can be cut into logs and shovelling snow so we can get the trailer into the right position are just a couple of the ways in which it has hindered us. It is absolutely beautiful though and we are really lucky to be able to spend our days working in this environment and after all cold/numb feet don't take long to thaw out in an evening!

The Hebridean sheep have been extremely glad to see us when we have dropped off some food for them. They are normally ok for a few days when there are just a few inches of snow as they will kick the snow away to reach the grass beneath but there is about 12 inches in their field which has been there for 6 days.

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