Saturday, 23 March 2013

Spring is here!

We have just spent 2 days cutting trees up that have fallen onto roads along Wenlock Edge, weighed down by snow. There has been about a foot of very wet, heavy snow that has fallen through Friday and into Saturday. Most of the problems were caused by small Hazel stems bending over into the roads but some larger trees shed limbs or just snapped. We always check the roads in the morning after severe weather, this normally takes less than an hour. Today i left the house at 7am just to check the roads and walked back into the house at 4pm, cold work but satisfying all the same.
The beautiful scene at Wilderhope Manor

Heavily laden Western Hemlock trees in Northway wood.
 Drifting snow also caused some problems near the Wenlock Edge Inn, this was taken after the heavy machinery had cleared most of the road! First thing this morning the road was blocked and a couple of vehicles were abandoned overnight, one lady slept in her truck!

We also pulled and pushed some cars up hills. The road is now passable but still white over as the snow continues to drift across.
If you are out and about either travelling by car or walking in the woods take care, if you happen to be in the National Trust woods on the edge and find a tree down please let me know at i haven't got that far yet but will hopefully find and deal with most of them by the end of the week.

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  1. thats some kind of crazy! well done for working through the day to sort things out.