Friday, 7 June 2013


There is some better news on the breeding bird front as there is a lovely pair of owlets around the Presthope area. These Tawny Owl chicks have been on the wing for a few weeks now and they are very vocal, often being scolded by their mother if someone (usually me) walks nearby. They are still being fed as they are too young to start catching their own food.
This morning they have been enjoying some sunshine, this offered me the chance to get a couple of photos of them whilst they kept their eyes well and truly on me!

At this point the mother flew past with a vole or mouse in its mouth, it didn't stop as she saw me so i moved to a more hidden area. I then got settled but missed the passing of the meal as i tried to focus the camera. all i got was this!
The owlet on the left has the meal!

There are lots of Tawny owls throughout the woods on Wenlock Edge so hopefully this is a scene that is being played out all over the wood. 

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  1. Lovely pics! We haven't spotted any chicks yet but we have found a piece of barn owl egg so fingers crossed.