Saturday, 28 September 2013

weekend workparty

Today was day two of the Shropshire and Staffordshire National Trust Volunteers three day work party on Wenlock Edge. We continued where we left off yesterday, coppicing along the edge of the old railway line in Easthope wood. This has made using the bridleway much more pleasant as it is more open and once we have felled a few larger trees (mainly Larch) should open up a great viewpoint towards the Stretton hills. Butterflies and wildflowers such as primroses should also benefit from the increased light levels that this work has created.

 Finding suitable fire sites was a little tricky and led to lots of dragging being required, fortunately the tractor was on hand to assist with the movement of brash.
This is the view i had from the tractor just before delivering another load of brash to the volunteers.
Not all of it ended up on the fire, we also cut some hedging stakes and binders for hedge laying.
As usual the group got loads of work done for which we are really grateful, tomorrow we move to a new site, creating a viewpoint in Northway wood.

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