Monday, 6 January 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!

It's only a few days into January, but Chris and I have already been hard at work looking after the Edge. Some of you may have seen us out and about as lots of people took the opportunity over the Christmas break to enjoy the wintery woodland. Last week in particular we were out working on the Presthorpe-Hughley road with tree surgeons James and Lee, removing trees that were leaning over the road and phone-line.

We've also been cracking on with the improvement works at the Much Wenlock car park, and I've been practicing with the post-banger as you can see in the photo below. We hope to continue with this work next week.

 As a small project during my time on Wenlock Edge I've been asked to set-up some natural play areas along the Lime Kiln Walk that starts in the Presthorpe car park. This week Chris and I set-up a den-building area next to the car park itself (pictured below), with a big pile of brash to use as building material. Den-building is great fun and one of the National Trust's "50 Things to Do Before You're 11 and 3/4", so I definitely recommend giving it a try. More equipment is under construction and should be going out into the woods in the near future.

 The feeding station along the Lime Kiln Walk has been very busy recently, with lot's of birds coming to take advantage of the free food. We've even had a few more unusual species, probably due to the bad weather and the re-introduced nyger seed feeder and fat cake feeder. Some of the visitors are pictured below. Be sure to take a look at the birds as you pass by the hide!

 A cheeky robin posing for the camera.
 A Chaffinch and a Greenfinch enjoying the sunflower seeds.
 A distinctive Goldfinch making the most of the nyger seed.
 A pair of Chaffinches basking in the winter sun.
A pair of Bullfinches also enjoying the sunshine.

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  1. Oh how I wish I cold be there! Right now, near the Chicago land area, we have over 12" of snow on the ground and it is -15* below zero F. Much Wenlock looks much friendlier. The only birds in my area right now are the common sparrow and junco. I have been making sure they have plenty of seed to survive this brutal weather. If I am fortunate enough to holiday in Shropshire this summer, I will look forward to enjoying all of your hard work on Wenlock Edge.