Sunday, 15 June 2014

Well done sheep!

Yesterday whilst checking the sheep in the car park on the edge of Much Wenlock I had a proper look at the state of the grassland. This was to see if the work we did to fence it off and graze it is working to improve its condition.

I knew that it ought to have made an improvement and I know that there are fewer nettles and hogweed but I was still stunned as to how well the wildflowers have responded.
There are lots of Pyramidal Orchids in areas where I have not seen them before, there is also Yellow Wort, Yellow Rattle, Fairy Flax and Ladies Bedstraw. There were also plenty of butterflies and bees enjoying the flowers and I am sure many moths at night feeding on the nectar.
Unfortunately there is no public access at the moment due to the sheep still being in the field, they will be removed for a short time though and the gate will be left open to allow public access. In future years we hope to be able to open the gate for most of the flowering season but whilst the sheep are still bringing the more dominant plants under control a longer grazing period is required.
So, well done sheep and keep up the good work!

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