Saturday, 15 November 2014

Update from the Rangers

The edge looks gorgeous at the moment with a host of autumnal colours and misty mornings; brilliant for budding photographers. From the bird hide you can see the seed vanishing by the second as all the birds try to fatten themselves up ready for the harsh winter ahead.

Wenlock Edge has numerous viewpoints which look out across the beautiful rural Shropshire landscape. To allow visitors to enjoy these views the Rangers and volunteers have been busy cutting back tall Hazel trees which have been obstructing the view. No mean feat by anyone’s standards as we have had to crawl up and down the slope through head height brambles. But it was all worth it!

The Johns cutting the Hazel back

A finished viewpoint

Whilst clearing these viewpoints we found an old dormouse nest in the tall brambles; the pictures show the dead leaves they use to cover the outside and how they tightly weave bark together to make their nest. These nests can often be mistaken for a wood mouse nest however dormice often use green leaves inside their nests whereas wood mice always use dead leaves.

The volunteers have been sprucing up the future volunteer mess room. We emptied out everything, scrubbed the floors, walls and sink and began painting the walls. There is still quite a lot of work to do in there but it is amazing how much better it looks after some TLC and a lick of paint. When it’s ready it’ll be a place where our volunteers can gather to chat, make a brew, warm up and put their muddy boots after a hard day’s work. 


Keep scrubbing lads!

When sweeping cobwebs off the wooden bench we discovered lots of beautiful moths. These are herald moths which must have been overwintering in there. To protect them from the further disturbance we would cause by cleaning and painting we gently encouraged the moths onto our hands and relocated them into the log pile in another outbuilding so they could hibernate. We must have rescued around 10 of these attractive moths.

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