Saturday, 15 November 2014

What we have been up to

Visitors from the Valley
At Wenlock we work closely with staff at Carding Mill Valley however it is very rare that they get a chance to come over to Wenlock and many people there don’t know what we get up to. Therefore this month me and Al organised an introductory work day for a small group of CMV staff.

Al led a guided tour around the Edge and talked about the management work we do and the habitats and wildlife we have here. Afterwards there was a practical session which involved cutting felled trees into 3 metre lengths and stacking them in piles ready for the forwarder to take them up the slope to the trackside. We were lucky with the weather, everyone got stuck in and we got a good chunk of work done too. Thank you everyone for helping! 

Full time volunteer Rob and Administrator Nicola stacking logs

Post Refurbishment
Some of the posts at Wenlock have been in place for over 16 years and are starting to show their age.  Where the post meets the soil, rot has got into the wood and it is starting to fall apart. Therefore one by one we have been digging them out and replacing them with nice new posts which should last another 16 years. Most recently we have started work on some posts behind Presthope car park. Replacing a post is a much easier job than digging a whole new hole as much of Wenlock has a thin top soil layer and so very quickly you hit solid rock! 

 The Johns installing the new post

A finished post

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