Monday, 23 February 2015

Is Spring on its way?

Whilst working in the wood I spotted Wild Garlic beginning to poke through the dead leaves, is Spring on its way? I'm looking forward to making some delicious wild garlic soup! 

Repairing nest boxes with WECWG

The Wenlock Edge Community Wildlife group (WECWG) and the bird ringing group came to Wenlock Edge last week to help us fix some dilapidated pied flycatcher nest boxes. We were lucky with the weather and we got lots repaired and re-positioned. There are still some to do and we have to finish before mid-March so we will be heading out to finish off soon. Thanks to everyone who helped out! 

Linda and Miles putting up a repaired box

Clearing out the old moss and dead leaves

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Update from the Rangers

Over the past few weeks we have been making the most of the frozen ground and dry days by getting in the woods to thin and to drag timber out of the woods. We have lots to do and have been working all over the Edge. We have been thinning a large stand of Beech trees on Hughley bank, pulling timber out near the old railway and felling trees in Longville Coppice. 

Our regular volunteers have also been burning brash for us, which has been left over from some hedgelaying work. There is loads to burn so they have been working away at it for a few weeks now but they are almost done! Thanks for all your hard work guys! 

Winter Woodland Walk

Last week we held a Winter woodland walk for volunteers at Wenlock Edge. It was led by Area Ranger Alistair Heath and was very successful with 21 volunteers attending. Alistair told us about woodland management, timber sales and wildlife before we tucked into cupcakes and warmed up with cups of tea and coffee. 

We walked to the meadow and discussed the National Trust's landscape scale plans, ownership and conservation grazing before heading back into the woods to find out about ancient woodland, coppicing and access. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves despite the cold wind! 

Well-fed wild birds at Wenlock

The birds at Wenlock Edge are well looked after, as the Rangers make sure the feeders at the bird hide are topped up regularly. We would like to thank the Shropshire Centre as this couldn't be done without their generous support. Here are some pictures of some of the birds tucking in.