Friday, 27 March 2015

Unusual wild flowers

My predecessor Chris spotted this stinking hellebore at the Much Wenlock end of the edge recently, it is an uncommon species and we haven't found any on our land before. Have you seen any?

An update from the rangers

The past month has been a race against time for me, Al and our contractors to winch and process as much timber as we can before the ground flora properly emerges.
Al dressing out a tree
Using the forwarder to stack timber at the roadside

Our volunteers have been helping by doing a variety of tasks also. Such as fixing signs, burning brash and last Tuesday we had a great time cutting down saplings in Ballstone quarry. It was a glorious day and lots of Bank voles were running around our feet through the tussocks of grass!  

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Volunteer training day - Geology

Today Chris Stratton (Learning Officer at Carding Mill Valley) led a geology walk for National Trust, Shropshire Wildlife Trust and Community Wildlife Group volunteers. We started off at Carding Mill Valley, walking down the valley to look at Stretton shail and then walked up the valley looking at the other layers of rock including; Buxton rock and synalds.

 We walked up to the reservoir to look at very early fossilised organisms, once believed to be fossilised raindrops but recently organic matter was discovered within them. Then we headed to Wenlock Edge where we looked at the strata and fault lines in Knowle quarry. 

 Before heading to look at the old lime kilns and learning about burning limestone and charcoal making and walking to Lea quarry to look at fossils.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

I ought to introduce myself...

Well I guess I should introduce myself, my name is Kate and I am the new Wenlock Edge Assistant Ranger. 

You may recognise me as I used to be the Assistant Ranger at Carding Mill Valley and I also did a voluntary placement year there a few years ago. Wenlock Edge is a beautiful reserve with lots of potential and I'm looking forward to putting my stamp on the Edge and to conserving such a special place.