Thursday, 4 June 2015

Our famous dormice!

Last month Country file visited Wenlock Edge to find out more about the elusive dormice which inhabit our woods but failed to catch a glimpse. However this month Midlands today with David Gregory-Kumar came and after being chased by angry bees and nuthatches, risking life and limb checking nest boxes above cliff edges and temperamental weather conditions, we had success! The very last box we checked (which wasn’t even a dormouse box but a bird box) we discovered two beautiful dormice, which both posed happily for the camera before climbing high into the trees out of sight.

 Wenlock Edge is a dormouse stronghold and has the best dormouse population in the midlands; we hope that by protecting our dormice population they will spread into areas of surrounding suitable habitat. We have done this by acquiring more of the Edge over the last 30 years, by removing conifers and by reintroducing coppicing; all this has meant that at the last dormouse nest box check we recorded higher numbers than ever before. Dormice are protected so please do not look inside nest boxes unless you have a licence to disturb them.

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