Thursday, 4 June 2015

Wild flowers

Beautiful wild flowers have begun to spring up all over the Edge, in the woods, the verges and in our meadows. Small white sweet woodruff flowers are out (a relative of cleavers) and look lovely when they form thick patches. Sweet woodruff is often used to flavour foods and it makes a delicious herbal tea.

Sweet Woodruff

Greater butterfly orchid

You may still see a few early purple orchids hanging on and if you are lucky you might spot Greater butterfly orchids and pyramidal orchids just coming up as well. We have seen lots of spotty leaves coming up and so I’m sure that common-spotted orchids will be out soon too. We have just put some hebridean sheep back into the meadow at the Much Wenlock NT car park to keep the vigorous grasses down and it is full to the brim with buttercups and speedwells producing an amazingly colourful display.

Buttercups and speedwells in the Much Wenlock Meadow

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