Monday, 27 July 2015

Volunteer training days

We have organised a number of volunteer training days for Shropshire Hills volunteers, including National Trust, Shropshire Wildlife Trust, Shropshire Council and Community Wildlife Group volunteers. These are to thank them for all their hard work, to introduce them to new interesting topics and also to improve their knowledge of local wildlife. 

Last week was the mammal tracks and signs training day led by Chairman of the Shropshire Mammal Group, Stuart Edmunds. We walked through the woods at Wenlock and looked for nests, nibbled nuts and poo! Then we checked a number of camera traps and got lots of brilliant footage of foxes, badgers and even a dormouse!  


Also this week we had a butterfly training day, held at the Long Mynd and led by the Strettons Area Community Wildlife Group. The weather wasn't great but we still saw a good variety of species. We wandered through the batch valley and saw ringlet, green-veined white, gatekeeper and many more. But the best sight of the day was lots of little skippers sitting on the thistles next to the stream.  

Little skipper butterfly

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