Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Wenlock Edge Meadows

The pyramidal orchids in Ippikins meadow are looking fantastic right now, ranging from pale to hot pink and if you are lucky you might spot a bee orchid among them. Ippikins is also chock full of birds foot trefoil (also known as bacon and eggs) and yellow rattle, which are both great for invertebrates. Another good place to see pyramidal orchids is the Much Wenlock car park and if you want to see common spotted orchids you can visit Wilderhope or walk around the Harley bank and Smokey hole area of the edge. 

Pyramidal orchids  in Much Wenlock car park
Pyramidal orchid in Ippikins meadow

Bee orchid in Ippikins
Common spotted orchid near Smokey hole
Birds foot trefoil (bacon and eggs)

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