Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Archaeology Event

Archaeology Event

On the 23rd September an archaeology event took place at Wenlock Edge. Janine Young, the National Trust archaeologist for the West Midlands, took us on a tour of Wenlock Edge where archaeological features are particularly prominent in areas such as Smokey Hole. We looked at holloways, lime kilns, remnants of charcoal hearths, as well as boundary banks and stones; it was fascinating to see these features preserved so well.

We learnt about the past history and previous management of the site, the dangers of being a quarryman, what the lime extracted from the limestone would have been used for, and how quarrying tools and techniques have changed over the years. It was interesting to try to picture Wenlock as a hive of industry, as it would have been many years ago. Overall, a very successful event that will take place again next year – so look out for this!

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Roadside work

Last Thursday and Friday we were carrying out roadside work with the contractors, which consisted of felling dangerous trees which were overhanging the road, cutting them up and putting them through the wood chipper. The trees were quite near a busy road so we had to have a traffic management system in place to control the traffic.

Jay the contractor

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Late Summer work

This week our brilliant volunteer Pete came and helped us to prepare and deliver some firewood loads to local customers in Much Wenlock. This involved carrying ropes and chains up the steep slope, tying them onto lengths of timber and then using the tractor mounted winch to drag the lengths down the slope out of the woods. 

After we have got the timber onto the track we cross-cut it using chainsaws, stack it by hand on the track side ready to take another day or load it straight onto the trailer and deliver it to our customers. It is pretty intensive work but it is great because you can see what you have achieved, it it brilliant exercise, you often get a beautiful view and sometimes if we are lucky we get a cup of tea and piece of cake from our customers! 
Alistair cross-cutting

Also at the beginning of the week, while walking up Blakeway hollow to check on our flock of sheep, I spotted this beautiful male speckled wood butterfly and after patiently following him fluttering around, for what seemed like forever, he decided to land and I got a quick photograph on my mobile. This year, despite slightly temperamental weather, I have also seen little skippers, gatekeepers, green-veined whites, meadow browns and many more butterflies. The Much Wenlock car park is a great place to spot them, sitting on thistles and black knapweed flowers. 

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Severe winds!

Last week some severe winds hit Wenlock Edge and a number of large Oak branches fell and blocked a bridleway at Roman bank. It took me and Alastair two days to break down the branches and clear the debris away from the path. If you find more trees or branches down which are blocking paths on Wenlock Edge please let us know by calling 07972 115725 or emailing