Thursday, 29 October 2015

Nibbled nut project

A dormouse nut project has been set up by the National Trust in partnership with Wenlock Edge Community Wildlife Group which aims to repeat a survey undertaken in 2001. The survey began this month and will run until the end of December, continuing again in autumn 2016

The aim of the survey is to see if dormouse feeding signs can be found in every area of suitable habitat on Wenlock Edge. Volunteers search in the leaf litter for Hazel nuts nibbled by dormice, which will tell us if dormice are present in all areas where there is fruiting Hazel and will allow us to discover any change from the previous survey. If the project finds areas with no evidence of dormice, this will highlight places for us to do more intensive searches and to focus future conservation. It is a huge project which will take place over a number of years and the more volunteers the merrier. Training will be provided: surveys are 10am - 2pm but you can leave early if necessary.

The dates for surveys this year are;
Wed 11th Nov
Wed 25th Nov
Wed 9th Dec
Wed 30th Dec 

If you are interested in helping or have any questions please email or call me on; or 07972 115725

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