Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Our Adorable Hazel Dormice

It has been a great year for dormice on Wenlock Edge, partly due to the abundance of food such as blackberries and hazel nuts. Dormice are a protected species and are very vulnerable to change in climate and habitat loss in the UK. 

There are a number of nest boxes along Wenlock Edge that provide artificial nesting options for our dormice, especially when tall dense brambles and holes in old trees are in short supply. Stuart from the Shropshire Mammal Group, who is licensed to disturb and handle dormice, checks our boxes and at the last check he found 4 juvenile dormice and lots of nests which is brilliant news! Generally when boxes are checked at other sites, the dormice are all asleep, however they are always wide awake at Wenlock! Here is a picture of one who popped out of his nest to say hello! 

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