Sunday, 1 November 2015

Halloween at Wenlock Edge

Last Saturday, for the first time at Wenlock Edge, we held two Halloween events. An earlier one, commencing at 3pm from Presthope carpark, for the younger children and a later version, starting at 7pm at Much Wenlock carpark, for the braver of us wanting a spookier experience in the dark. The turnout for both events was fantastic and there was an array of lots of scary costumes ranging from Dracula to black cats.

At the beginning the children all made their own bats and told some of their own spooky stories before setting out on the ghostly walk through the spookily decorated woods, with numerous, allegedly true ghost stories, based in and around Wenlock Edge on the way. The children heard stories from two witches and a ghostly quarryman, and also heard about the famous Ippikins and Major’s Leap legends.

Making a bat

Spooktastic costumes!
For the later event, the All Hallows Eve walk, we began our route through Blakeway Hollow and made our way to Smokey Hole (an area of kilns and charcoal hearths) - apparently the ghostliest part of the Edge - where we came across numerous spooky characters who told their stories of the Edge, including a witch at her cauldron and campfire and the reappearance of the quarryman chipping away at the rock; oh, and not to forget a naughty goblin who kept jumping out to make our hearts race!

We finished this walk by trying out some bat detectors to see if we could track any bats in the area; we were unsure if we did trace the clicking noise of a bat, however the children (and adults) seemed to enjoy using these and were determined to track one down!

Overall, two very fun and spooky Halloween events which we are going to hold again next year due to their success.

Listening to the Major's leap legend
A frightening ghoul
Listening to the witches tales

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